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Establishment of Knowledge Centre for support in development of sustainable EE market-based construction skills

The establishment of the Centre will give contribution in implementation of sustainable VQTS for building professionals and/or blue collar workers, by involving training providers through presentation of the developed training schemes within Pillar II and the current project and giving the necessary support to the providers for their accreditation for these training programmes and for their promotion. The centre will also be engaged in wide promotion of life-long learning through training schemes and by promoting RPL process. It will be achieved through reaching Centre’s aims: supporting training Providers for accreditation and implementation of VET programs for skills for energy efficient construction, developed upon accredited standards & specifications, based on accredited occupational profiles promotion of employment (engagement) of accredited Trainers for EE skills (from Pillar II), developing reliable learning outcomes for energy efficiency construction skills (accredited knowledge, skills and competences acquired via non-formal & informal learning pathways and certification of qualifications), vocational guidance & counselling services and tools for supporting citizens of every age, as well as educational information tools according to the latest ICT applications.

The overall objectives of the established Knowledge center and its role for support in development of sustainable EE market-based construction skills are presented through the following activities:

Task 1. Plan for sustainability of the Knowledge center through piloting the core activities

  • introducing target groups-building workforce and companies with the aim and work of the Centre and offering its services as a support for personal development through professional guidance at specially organised dedicated workshop
  • introducing training providers with the concept of LLL through RPL and with the developed Methodology for its implementation, at specially organised promotional workshop
  • creation of Database of certified trainers and certified workers and their involvement in the activities of the Centre, through their presentation to the training providers as qualified workforce for EE construction skills and RPL
  • organization of the six promotional events for BIM adoption and final wide conference of the NQF for promotion of open BIM opportunities and dissemination of the results from WP3, will be in the frame of the activities of the KC. Responsible partners will be Kreacija, BIM Academy and EIM.
  • organization of working meetings with NQF for definition of best approaches for successful market recognition of EE construction skills dissemination of the results from WP4. Responsible partner will be Kreacija.

Task 2. Enlarging visibility of the Knowledge center for support in development of sustainable EE market-based construction skills

Within this task following activities will include:-promotion campaign  of the Centre goals organised; - web page of the Centre designed and hosted; -2 dedicated workshops as an example-pilot of Centre work organised (1 for training providers & 1 for target groups-building workforce and companies);- 1 wide regional conference for BIM & market acceptance of EE skills organised;-1 international workshop for EU replication of project results in Macedonia, organised;-participation at 1 international workshop for EU replication of project results abroad

Task 3. Ensuring replication of project results across EU through Knowledge center and mutual recognition among EU countries

Within this task the methodology for mutual recognition of EE construction skills will be developed by AEC. The methodology encompassed of procedures for recognition of obtained EE construction skills by workers and professionals. The pilot implementation of the methodology will be organized with three EU countries: Greece, Croatia and Slovenia. The pilot results will be used by AEC in formal state procedures for mutual recognition of EE construction skills among EU countries.

-Replication across Balkan Countries in Europe

TRAINEE ‘s activities regarding adoption of BIM will be a model-to-follow for Balkan countries and to promote this programme as leading the process in this part of EU. As organiser of European BIM Summit, BIM Academy will take advantage and profit of all the compilation of its legacy to create the proper strategy for the replication of the results of the project across Europe. BIM Academy will work in setting up a mutual recognition scheme of qualifications and certifications among different Member States using EDUBIM, BAF and esFAB as platforms to ensure it.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 785005 


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