Register of certified professionals - now publicly available

Register of certified professionals - now publically available at

ks org mkTo achieve the visibility and to enable the promotion of certified workers and professionals, Digital Register with integrated databases for certified workers and trainers is created and it is established within the activities of Knowledge and Skills Management Centre,

After the process of piloting training schemes developed within the project, all certified professionals and workers are listed in the databases. The final number of entries occurring in the Register is 1566 certified building professionals (white collar and blue-collar workers), distributed as in Table 1.

Table 1 Distribution of the certified building professionals listed in TRAINEE’s Register

Total Blue-collar workers certified through training


Total Blue-collar workers certified through RPL


Total White-collar workers certified by training


Total White-collar workers certified by RPL


Total trainers certified by train-of-trainers


Total ToT (Instructors)




The content of the Register is available at for interested target groups:

  • Building professionals and blue-collar workers, both already certified or potential trainees that will apply for certification;
  • Construction companies, building sector, as potential employers of certified professional, as they will be aware of the benefits of skilled workforce;
  • Government bodies and policymakers interested in following and implementation of European EE legislation and implementation of a methodology for RPL, especially in terms of having official lists (registers) of certified professionals for the purpose of obligations in public procurement procedures;
  • Professional Associations to increase the competitiveness of their members;
  • Education Institutions, Training providers for replication of training schemes based on using experienced trainers.